Hello Dustbin is a realistic company started by a group of three aspiring youngsters.

Mr. Dheeraj Reddy

Director of Marketing & Business Development

He is a computer science graduate and did his Masters in International Business from University of Western Sydney, Australia. His passion is towards the modern business development and leadership. He is a proactive leader with good decision-making silks and effective communication.

Previous Experience
Dheeraj Reddy was a General Manager at ‘Globe Surgical’ which is his family business. ‘Globe Surgicals’ is an experienced Medical and Ortho implants distribution firm in Hyderabad. The firm deals with the distribution of Highly esteemed international brands of Medical and ortho products.
As a General Manager and marketing lead, Dheeraj Reddy created new strategies and built new business opportunities. His commitment, hard work, and never-give-up attitude helped the 25-year-old business to reach great heights.
Role in Hello Dustbin Pvt. Ltd.
With his experience in marketing and business development, he plays a significant role in the growth of the company. He handles the marketing and business development and is responsible for continuous growth of the company. With his extensive knowledge, he is able to deliver sales objectives and build sales strategies, business opportunities and more. He is committed to his passion and work and brings in desired results in a short span of time.
His ideas and methodologies bring in a new value to the business and it contributes to the continuous growth of the company. Under his supervision, Hello Dustbin is able to reach new highs as waste management is the need of the hour and essential for the society.

Mr. Khaja Asif Uddin

Director of Operations and Supply Chain

K. Asif Uddin is a B.com Computers from St. Josephs college in Hyderabad. He is a young and passionate entrepreneur who has innovative ideas about managing waste. As a young entrepreneur, he has great awareness in handling different business situations. He constantly looks for new opportunities.

Previous Experience
He has experience in real estate, granites and construction activities. He is a partner of ‘Right choice constructions and Granites’ based in Hyderabad. He was a key person to expand the business in different cities. With this knowledge and decision-making skills, the business was expanded in Cities like Chennai and Bangalore.
In construction industries, he has handled and administered residential home projects and is well known for his good quality, on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction. He has experience in retailing business and opened a textile store in Hyderabad. He has great experience in administrating retail business.
Role in Hello Dustbin Pvt. Ltd.
As an operation and supply chain lead, he plays a key role in every stage of business development. His keen observation and experience in various sectors and segments of business have helped Hello Dustbin to be the most efficient Waste Management Company. He brings in new ideas that are useful and practical in today’s world. His experience is a boon to the successful waste management in India.

Mr. Karthik

Business Development, and Environmental Safety Director

He has completed his MBA, Marketing from the prestigious Alliance University in Bangalore. His aptitude towards business management and development has helped the projects to achieve its objectives in ease. He also completed project management from University of Technology (UTS) in Sydney, Australia.

His education and experience have helped him to manage project planning and costing. He has extensive knowledge in handling new projects from scratch and strategically plan the project to achieve desired results.

Previous Experience
Karthik has been involved in his family business which is into construction activities. He has designed innovative concepts of water conservation. His main exposure was into water resource management projects. He also has experience in managing micro size projects like Sanitary napkins and more.
Role in Hello Dustbin Pvt. Ltd.
He plays a key role in branding and business development. His insights on market research have helped Hello Dustbin to reach a maximum number of customers and create a new impact. He takes care of the process framework and the functionality of the company. Karthik is responsible for the safety procedures and meeting up the environmental standards of the business.
Hello Dustbin Pvt. Ltd is a unique and comprehensive platform that’s focus is exclusively on waste management, reuse and recycling.