Say, Hello Dustbin!

To create a greener environment and manage solid wastes

Hello Dustbin is proud to be a leading waste management solution provider in Telangana helping households, business, and industries to dispose and recycle their wastes.

Our business motto

The Enterprise aims at addressing the critical problem of waste segregation and disposal in a proper and effective way. The founder’s vision is to segregate and dispose of waste appropriately and efficiently. It also focuses on creating awareness on how recycling waste is worthwhile for a sustainable environment.


To provide excellent customer service to our clients and vendors and create a sustainable and naturally friendly, pollution free environment.


To be the best forward-thinking company managing solid waste efficient than ever before.

Our Story

The waste management enterprise is the collaboration of three friends who decided to create a change and a cleaner environment. The founders have great ideas in waste management. The founders come up with innovative ideas and innovative solutions according to the current scenario. They are good at conceptualization and execute a waste management plan efficiently. With the education and exposure, the waste management enterprise is driven in a digital way.